This? Is Not the Health I Ordered!


Up until two weeks ago I would have told you I hated running. Couldn’t make me do it, no matter how many truffles you tied to the end of a string and dragged in front of me. Then I decided to just do it. 

You know what? Don’t tell anyone but I like it. 

It started with a simple run around the resevoir and now I shake it up by running the resevoir loop once, move onto the bridal path loop and then tonight I ran on the road, across the north meadow and back on the road, down the bridal path and back on the road. No idea how far I went but at least 2 miles. I would have done more if it weren’t getting pitch black out and it was downpouring on me and my poor ipod wrapped in a sandwich baggy (i’m classy). 

Theres something about running around the park, surrounded by other runners with a cool breeze sometimes blowing my direction and the feel of the dirt inside my shoes (literally, inside my shoes, apparently i didn’t buy dirt proof shoes). I just like it! And its the one routine I’ve set, and kept. 

The only thing is? I’m impatient. I want results. And so far nothing. NOTHING. I haven’t lost an ounce. And I want it to drop off, because thats how I roll. I want instant results. This is how i get discouraged, this is how i stop working out. I’m determined though. DETERMINED PEOPLE.

Theres a good chance I slacked off on keeping track of what i ate this week….so lets see…


Breakfast: oatmeal

Lunch: a mix of stuff from the hot and cold salad bars at whole foods (chicken provencale, some pasta with parmesan, indonesian rice that had raisins and pineapple)

Iced coffee with three splendas and a shot of vanilla from Starbucks

Dinner: three different white cheeses and some bread with two glasses of white wine

Snack: two godiva truffles


Breakfast: oatmeal which i made the mistake of eating prior to walking to work so i was starving when i got there so i had half of a cinnamon bun

lunch: chicken curry with spinach, rice and naan bread

dinner: my eggs with goat cheese and ketchup on a wrap with 3 godiva truffles for dessert (they are sitting on my coffee table in front of me while I watch the olympics. They’re distracting!!)

I didnt run yesterday but i did run the night before that for about 4 miles and ran tonight about 2.


“I’ll be Healthy Tomorrow”

Ever done that? Yeah I do it ALL THE TIME. 

It started friday. I was feeling a tad off thanks to the tequila the night before so I had to have my greasy breakfast fix of a sausage egg and cheese from the deli. Then one of my reps, who must have heard I was on a diet and had to spoil my fun, brought over a box of donuts and set them precariously close to my desk. (OK fine they were up on the second floor by the coffee machine) So I had to have one.

Then I had my left over cuban food (oh so healthy) and ended it with left over goat cheese asparagus pasta before heading out for drinks. Had a margarita, chips, some miso soup and a lychee martini. 

Friday I tried exercising but after 30 seconds my calf muscle seized up and I could barely walk, let alone run so I scrapped that for fear of hurting myself.

Saturday I pulled out the scrambled egg and goat cheese with ketchup wrap before walking from my apartment on the upper east side downtown. I walked about 120 +/- blocks. I missed lunch, substituting it with an iced coffee with three splendas. (I do this sometimes when I’m out and about in nyc, bad habit I know)

Dinner was a cheeseburger and tater tots (um, who doesn’t love tater tots?!) at a diner with my friends and then had some vodka sodas with my girls at the bar. 

Yesterday I had a peanut butter and jelly wrap for lunch, scrambled egg and goat cheese with ketchup for dinner. I ran 1.5 miles and walked an additional 1.5.

Today was a little better. I had a banana and oatmeal for breakfast, penne ala vodka for lunch (my favorite!!), a few reeses pieces for a snack, and salmon and avacado sushi with tuna and salmon sashimi for dinner.

I’m off to run 1.5 miles and walk at least an additional 1.5. Here’s to a healthier week!


I have failed at this whole diet thing this week. Yesterday? Lets do a recap….

Breakfast: Banana and Oatmeal (an innocent start)

Lunch: Asparagus from last nights dinner (oh leftovers really sucked btw) and then picadillo, yellow rice and fried plantains from the cuban place near work.

Snack: a square of chocolate and a banana chocolate vivanno from Starbucks

Dinner: a “sampler” at the mexican place where I had two margaritas, which included 2 mozzarella sticks, one quarter of a quesadilla, 1 chicken finger and numerous plain chips and salsa.

Only exercise? Walking to work.

Mental Health Day

I took a sick day and combined it with a mental health day and all was good. I did manage to get out and exercise a little and managed to be pretty good with eating too.

I tried running again but my legs were having NONE of that. So I walked vigorously around the resevoir for 1.5 miles. I am hoping to be able to run tomorrow. 

Today for eating I tried to be healthy. I almost failed when I got the urge for Tasti D Lite but when I couldn’t find one (i live in nyc, this should’t be hard!!) I gave up and went home and saved myself from a sugary treat I didn’t need.

Breakfast: Cheerios with 1 banana and skim milk

Lunch: salmon and avocado sushi

Dinner: I made this recipe which I found through Slice of Pink‘s Whip It Up contest. It turned out really yummy and I was pleased because hi? I have a love affair with goat cheese which was the main ingredient. I don’t know how healthy it was but it couldn’t have been particularly bad cause it had calcium and there was veggies in it! Right? Right?

I also had a couple handfuls of chocolate chips for dessert (not full handfuls). This sugar habit is proving a bitch to kick.

Day 2: Sickness Reigns Supreme

So there were two things working against me today (but i didn’t do so bad!). 1) I was very very sick. 2) two little words: Catered Lunch.

One thing about work is that every week we have a catered lunch which not only has yummy salads and sandwiches but also heaven on a tray: the dessert cart filled with yummy sweet goodness.

The damage?

Breakfast: Half of a yogurt, granola and fruit thing from the deli with orange juice

Lunch: half of a chicken salad wrap with bacon, 2 chocolate wafer cookies, a small triangle brownie with m&ms and some cookie thing with chocolate in the middle. 

Dinner: A quarter of a wrap with mozzarella, roasted pepper, sundried tomato and zucchini and a small bowl of trader joe’s low sodium roasted red pepper and tomato soup.

So I was bad at lunch and the only exercise I got was walking to and from work (granted its about 45 blocks each way) but seeing that i’m beyond sore (can barely walk without limping) from my running jaunts the past two nights. I am taking a little break so I don’t hurt myself and i physically don’t think its possible for me to actually run tonight.

This eating healthy thing is kicking my ass

Easing Myself Into This…

So I can’t move. After last nights adventure in running I decided oh lets do that again, despite the pain in my legs (but its good pain! Damn you inner voice which knows nothing. NOTHING.). I ran 1.5 miles tonight and walked another 1.5, after the 3 miles I ran last night. I am in a little bit of pain.

I needed to kick my ass because today I failed at eating. FAILED.

i ate….

Imposter Cheerios with 1% milk for breakfast (it always starts out so innocently)

Tea with honey (because this girl is sick 😦 )

Smoked Turkey and corn chowder soup for lunch (I was sick ok?)

Small chocolate frozen yogurt (my throat hurt ok?)

2 Hand fulls of fries (my coworker put them right in front of me, i couldn’t say no!) 

Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, organic ketchup, a dash of salt in a tortilla. 

I will do better tomorrow….I suck at this whole diet thing huh?

I have to eat healthy tomorrow thats for sure, I don’t think i can move.

Juggling Working Out and Socializing

So I have a question for the masses… do you mix working out and keeping on a schedule with an active social life?

I often start strong in the week, going to the gym, making plans in my daily planner to go to all these weight training and step classes and then life happens.

People I haven’t seen in a while invite me out for happy hour, a date with a new (or old) boy is set up, drinks with coworkers….they start piling on the days and we all know it’d be a bad idea to send Ashley to the gym in a drunken state—hell, a tipsy state would be a bad idea too! Suddenly my workout routine is shot and i’ve consumed more fruity, bad-for-me drinks and bar food and i’ve totally shot myself in the foot.

How do you maintain the active social life while staying healthy and working out?

Why can’t I have my cake and eat it too? (Damnit now I want cake.) (Oooh ice cream sounds good too.) (see how I’m going to have a problem? Yeah.)

Time to Kick it into Gear

As I was running around the resevoir in central park, my very first run there in the five years I have lived in New York City, I decided I needed to document my transformation into a healthier version of myself. 

Its not that I’m overweight. I am within my healthy BMI range, I am by no means “fat” in the traditional sense of the word.

What I am, is unhappy with how I look. I am 5’2, 122 pounds. Relatively small but when you’re used to being 100-110 and even a pound difference shows, its a bit overwhelming to be 122. I have fat in places I’ve never had before, rolls that leave me incredibly uncomfortable in anything remotely form fitting, that doesn’t resemble a garbage bag. I find myself folding my arms across my middle, to hide my stomach and slowly disappearing waist. The only supposed benefit from this are my enormous boobs which are topics of many conversations with boy and girl friends alike.

Over the course of the last year I have gained 24 pounds thanks to a change in lifestyle, start of a new job where I sit a lot and divulge in Crumbs cupcakes, and have slacked off on my 90 dollars a month gym membership. I’ve become pretty lazy, despite walking to and from work, a good 100 blocks a day. So with a family wedding in a month and my general hatred towards my body (and the lack of energy, etc) I’ve decided to kick it up a notch and really kick my ass into gear.

I’m not waiting for the new year, I’m not waiting for some big monumentous occasion. I am determined to get healthy and I’m going to document it here, on this new blog. 

Some of you may know me from my other blog, where I write about my dating escapades, shopaholism and general stuff going on in my world. Some of you may not read me there. I’m keeping the two blogs seperate. 

Here I will keep track of what I eat, what types of exersize I am doing and other fitness/health related things. Maybe put up some healthy recipes I discover, any setbacks I may suffer. And of course, hopefully motivate/be motivated by others to get in shape and be healthy. 

So this? Is Ashley doing fitness.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!