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Post-Detox Notes

So I’ve returned to normal food once again. And boy, was I returned. Thanksgiving kicked my ass and I have never been so full IN MY LIFE. Good news, I didn’t gain all the weight back.

Bad news? I gained 4 lbs. IN A WEEK. Um thats a lot. Granted its water weight but still.

Luckily it doesn’t show as much as I thought it might, and I’m still trying to eat healthy and haven’t returned to the insane snacking that I previously did. I also have been going to the gym and plan on continuing to go even more. I’m determined to lose more weight, even with the holidays kicking me around like I was there bitch.

I am healthier, and thanksgiving was a lot healthier than it could have been. But that stuffing really had it out for me. As well as the sweet potatoes, cornbread AND ALL THOSE DAMN CARBS. 


So now I begin dieting the regular way, no crazy detoxes, fads or anything else, just plain old eating healthy. Has anyone tried the detox yet?


Holiday FAIL

Halloween kicked my ass.

As in I gained 5 lbs. FIVE POUNDS. On top of all the weight I had put on before because lord knows the minute it got dark out early, I stopped working out. That was…over a month ago.

Last night I went to the gym for the first time in a while and the elliptical kicked my ass to a bloody pulp before throwing it on the ground and dragging it all over the place. But I needed it because the scales? Are awful. I haven’t seen that number EVER. It even surpasses my fat stage 8 years ago.

I’m going to cry. (After i throw away the rest of my friggin candy.)

funny pictures of cats with captions


PS. Changed the blog name, to keep it in line with my other blog 🙂


That is what I have been doing not only in my fitness/healthy routine, but on this blog. Holy hell its been a few huh?

I DID have a few factors working against me working out these past couple weeks. I twisted BOTH my ankles which didn’t allow me to run/walk/exercise much outside of walking/hobbling to work. Then we had a deadline that kept me in the office till 9 at night each night. And then I was on vacation. I did walk roughly 4 miles a day on the beach but it was at a leisurely pace thanks to a small dog whose version of walking consisted of stopping and starting only after I dragged him. (gotta love animals)

Eating? Don’t even get me started. Eating out lunch and dinner for the last week of our deadline killed my diet and then there was this weekend with snacks, ice cream, and homemade italian food. Last night it was pizza for dinner since we needed something quick before heading to the US Open (fabulous by the way!). I didn’t eat anything while at the Open outside of my vodka and soda I got for a whopping 10 dollars. (yikes!)

Today my ankles are feeling loads better and I think I will be able to start back up running tonight. I’m currently eating Moose Tracks ice cream from the little bodega down the street and hating my coworker for flashing a buy one get one free coupon in my face. FREE always makes my willpower crumble to the ground.

Starting tonight I am making changes! You will see me once again around this blog (not just writing political nonsense on my other blog like I did today) and I will be back on DIET 2008 and KICKING MY ASS 2008. Leave me some motivation, I sure could use it.

Day 2: Sickness Reigns Supreme

So there were two things working against me today (but i didn’t do so bad!). 1) I was very very sick. 2) two little words: Catered Lunch.

One thing about work is that every week we have a catered lunch which not only has yummy salads and sandwiches but also heaven on a tray: the dessert cart filled with yummy sweet goodness.

The damage?

Breakfast: Half of a yogurt, granola and fruit thing from the deli with orange juice

Lunch: half of a chicken salad wrap with bacon, 2 chocolate wafer cookies, a small triangle brownie with m&ms and some cookie thing with chocolate in the middle. 

Dinner: A quarter of a wrap with mozzarella, roasted pepper, sundried tomato and zucchini and a small bowl of trader joe’s low sodium roasted red pepper and tomato soup.

So I was bad at lunch and the only exercise I got was walking to and from work (granted its about 45 blocks each way) but seeing that i’m beyond sore (can barely walk without limping) from my running jaunts the past two nights. I am taking a little break so I don’t hurt myself and i physically don’t think its possible for me to actually run tonight.

This eating healthy thing is kicking my ass