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Holiday FAIL

Halloween kicked my ass.

As in I gained 5 lbs. FIVE POUNDS. On top of all the weight I had put on before because lord knows the minute it got dark out early, I stopped working out. That was…over a month ago.

Last night I went to the gym for the first time in a while and the elliptical kicked my ass to a bloody pulp before throwing it on the ground and dragging it all over the place. But I needed it because the scales? Are awful. I haven’t seen that number EVER. It even surpasses my fat stage 8 years ago.

I’m going to cry. (After i throw away the rest of my friggin candy.)

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PS. Changed the blog name, to keep it in line with my other blog 🙂



That is what I have been doing not only in my fitness/healthy routine, but on this blog. Holy hell its been a few huh?

I DID have a few factors working against me working out these past couple weeks. I twisted BOTH my ankles which didn’t allow me to run/walk/exercise much outside of walking/hobbling to work. Then we had a deadline that kept me in the office till 9 at night each night. And then I was on vacation. I did walk roughly 4 miles a day on the beach but it was at a leisurely pace thanks to a small dog whose version of walking consisted of stopping and starting only after I dragged him. (gotta love animals)

Eating? Don’t even get me started. Eating out lunch and dinner for the last week of our deadline killed my diet and then there was this weekend with snacks, ice cream, and homemade italian food. Last night it was pizza for dinner since we needed something quick before heading to the US Open (fabulous by the way!). I didn’t eat anything while at the Open outside of my vodka and soda I got for a whopping 10 dollars. (yikes!)

Today my ankles are feeling loads better and I think I will be able to start back up running tonight. I’m currently eating Moose Tracks ice cream from the little bodega down the street and hating my coworker for flashing a buy one get one free coupon in my face. FREE always makes my willpower crumble to the ground.

Starting tonight I am making changes! You will see me once again around this blog (not just writing political nonsense on my other blog like I did today) and I will be back on DIET 2008 and KICKING MY ASS 2008. Leave me some motivation, I sure could use it.

“I’ll be Healthy Tomorrow”

Ever done that? Yeah I do it ALL THE TIME. 

It started friday. I was feeling a tad off thanks to the tequila the night before so I had to have my greasy breakfast fix of a sausage egg and cheese from the deli. Then one of my reps, who must have heard I was on a diet and had to spoil my fun, brought over a box of donuts and set them precariously close to my desk. (OK fine they were up on the second floor by the coffee machine) So I had to have one.

Then I had my left over cuban food (oh so healthy) and ended it with left over goat cheese asparagus pasta before heading out for drinks. Had a margarita, chips, some miso soup and a lychee martini. 

Friday I tried exercising but after 30 seconds my calf muscle seized up and I could barely walk, let alone run so I scrapped that for fear of hurting myself.

Saturday I pulled out the scrambled egg and goat cheese with ketchup wrap before walking from my apartment on the upper east side downtown. I walked about 120 +/- blocks. I missed lunch, substituting it with an iced coffee with three splendas. (I do this sometimes when I’m out and about in nyc, bad habit I know)

Dinner was a cheeseburger and tater tots (um, who doesn’t love tater tots?!) at a diner with my friends and then had some vodka sodas with my girls at the bar. 

Yesterday I had a peanut butter and jelly wrap for lunch, scrambled egg and goat cheese with ketchup for dinner. I ran 1.5 miles and walked an additional 1.5.

Today was a little better. I had a banana and oatmeal for breakfast, penne ala vodka for lunch (my favorite!!), a few reeses pieces for a snack, and salmon and avacado sushi with tuna and salmon sashimi for dinner.

I’m off to run 1.5 miles and walk at least an additional 1.5. Here’s to a healthier week!

Juggling Working Out and Socializing

So I have a question for the masses… do you mix working out and keeping on a schedule with an active social life?

I often start strong in the week, going to the gym, making plans in my daily planner to go to all these weight training and step classes and then life happens.

People I haven’t seen in a while invite me out for happy hour, a date with a new (or old) boy is set up, drinks with coworkers….they start piling on the days and we all know it’d be a bad idea to send Ashley to the gym in a drunken state—hell, a tipsy state would be a bad idea too! Suddenly my workout routine is shot and i’ve consumed more fruity, bad-for-me drinks and bar food and i’ve totally shot myself in the foot.

How do you maintain the active social life while staying healthy and working out?

Why can’t I have my cake and eat it too? (Damnit now I want cake.) (Oooh ice cream sounds good too.) (see how I’m going to have a problem? Yeah.)