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Post-Detox Notes

So I’ve returned to normal food once again. And boy, was I returned. Thanksgiving kicked my ass and I have never been so full IN MY LIFE. Good news, I didn’t gain all the weight back.

Bad news? I gained 4 lbs. IN A WEEK. Um thats a lot. Granted its water weight but still.

Luckily it doesn’t show as much as I thought it might, and I’m still trying to eat healthy and haven’t returned to the insane snacking that I previously did. I also have been going to the gym and plan on continuing to go even more. I’m determined to lose more weight, even with the holidays kicking me around like I was there bitch.

I am healthier, and thanksgiving was a lot healthier than it could have been. But that stuffing really had it out for me. As well as the sweet potatoes, cornbread AND ALL THOSE DAMN CARBS. 


So now I begin dieting the regular way, no crazy detoxes, fads or anything else, just plain old eating healthy. Has anyone tried the detox yet?


Giving Up

On sugar and salty foods that is. Throw in cream based foods as well and you have my new regiment.

Those three, along with carbs (but who am I kidding, I can’t live without carbs! I’m italian!), are the main culprits to my gaining weight and not being able to shed. I am addicted to all things sweet and salty and while it is a daunting task, its one i’ve done before and was successful.

Unfortunately I was reintroduced last summer to those things and now my tastebuds cry out for them on a daily basis. Its a habit i need to kick, a habit that is packing on the pounds and frustrating the life out of me.

I won’t kick it completely. I’ll still have sugar in my tea, just not as much. I’ll allow myself a treat every now and then. But this constant intake of sugar and salty foods has gotten ridiculous–no, uncontrollable. Its time to take back control of the White House!

No wait, that was just me channeling my inner Obama.

Its time to take back control of my health. There thats better.

Any advice you could give me on how to up the willpower because its SO HARD. Says the girl who had two small slices of cake at the office birthday party….

“I’ll be Healthy Tomorrow”

Ever done that? Yeah I do it ALL THE TIME. 

It started friday. I was feeling a tad off thanks to the tequila the night before so I had to have my greasy breakfast fix of a sausage egg and cheese from the deli. Then one of my reps, who must have heard I was on a diet and had to spoil my fun, brought over a box of donuts and set them precariously close to my desk. (OK fine they were up on the second floor by the coffee machine) So I had to have one.

Then I had my left over cuban food (oh so healthy) and ended it with left over goat cheese asparagus pasta before heading out for drinks. Had a margarita, chips, some miso soup and a lychee martini. 

Friday I tried exercising but after 30 seconds my calf muscle seized up and I could barely walk, let alone run so I scrapped that for fear of hurting myself.

Saturday I pulled out the scrambled egg and goat cheese with ketchup wrap before walking from my apartment on the upper east side downtown. I walked about 120 +/- blocks. I missed lunch, substituting it with an iced coffee with three splendas. (I do this sometimes when I’m out and about in nyc, bad habit I know)

Dinner was a cheeseburger and tater tots (um, who doesn’t love tater tots?!) at a diner with my friends and then had some vodka sodas with my girls at the bar. 

Yesterday I had a peanut butter and jelly wrap for lunch, scrambled egg and goat cheese with ketchup for dinner. I ran 1.5 miles and walked an additional 1.5.

Today was a little better. I had a banana and oatmeal for breakfast, penne ala vodka for lunch (my favorite!!), a few reeses pieces for a snack, and salmon and avacado sushi with tuna and salmon sashimi for dinner.

I’m off to run 1.5 miles and walk at least an additional 1.5. Here’s to a healthier week!

Day 2: Sickness Reigns Supreme

So there were two things working against me today (but i didn’t do so bad!). 1) I was very very sick. 2) two little words: Catered Lunch.

One thing about work is that every week we have a catered lunch which not only has yummy salads and sandwiches but also heaven on a tray: the dessert cart filled with yummy sweet goodness.

The damage?

Breakfast: Half of a yogurt, granola and fruit thing from the deli with orange juice

Lunch: half of a chicken salad wrap with bacon, 2 chocolate wafer cookies, a small triangle brownie with m&ms and some cookie thing with chocolate in the middle. 

Dinner: A quarter of a wrap with mozzarella, roasted pepper, sundried tomato and zucchini and a small bowl of trader joe’s low sodium roasted red pepper and tomato soup.

So I was bad at lunch and the only exercise I got was walking to and from work (granted its about 45 blocks each way) but seeing that i’m beyond sore (can barely walk without limping) from my running jaunts the past two nights. I am taking a little break so I don’t hurt myself and i physically don’t think its possible for me to actually run tonight.

This eating healthy thing is kicking my ass

Easing Myself Into This…

So I can’t move. After last nights adventure in running I decided oh lets do that again, despite the pain in my legs (but its good pain! Damn you inner voice which knows nothing. NOTHING.). I ran 1.5 miles tonight and walked another 1.5, after the 3 miles I ran last night. I am in a little bit of pain.

I needed to kick my ass because today I failed at eating. FAILED.

i ate….

Imposter Cheerios with 1% milk for breakfast (it always starts out so innocently)

Tea with honey (because this girl is sick 😦 )

Smoked Turkey and corn chowder soup for lunch (I was sick ok?)

Small chocolate frozen yogurt (my throat hurt ok?)

2 Hand fulls of fries (my coworker put them right in front of me, i couldn’t say no!) 

Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, organic ketchup, a dash of salt in a tortilla. 

I will do better tomorrow….I suck at this whole diet thing huh?

I have to eat healthy tomorrow thats for sure, I don’t think i can move.